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Are you looking to get your business up and running in the digital world? Is your business IT holding you back from growing your company? Are you living with obsolete and unreliable technology in your home? Would you like to enrich your personal experience with technology?

Technology shouldn’t be frustrating! Prometheus Computers of Fort Lee provides the most elegant solutions possible to enable our clients in New Jersey, New York and beyond in achieving their technology goals.

Whatever Works for You

We understand the impersonality of large companies and are here to fill the void. We have worked in the industry for fifteen years and

  • We perform all manner of onsite services
  • Your time is valuable and we honor it
  • We treat our customers respectfully
  • We care, it’s personal for us
  • We handle the minutiae to improve your experience
  • We are secure

Many of our customers grew up in a world without personal computers and smart phones. We have helped hundreds of them become more comfortable and competent interfacing with their devices.

We are friendly, patient, courteous, reliable, smart and empathetic. We’d rather find the solution the first time!

no nonsense service

We are not Geeks or Nerds! We are serious professionals. Our service can seem magical because we simplify the complex and convoluted!

We offer computer repair and onsite technical support at competitive rates in Fort Lee and there isn’t a question we haven’t heard or a problem we haven’t solved!

prometheus computer can enrich your digital life

We are computer experts in and can provide help with the all of the following:

Computer Repair (Mac & PC)
Hard Drive (HDD) Replacement
Computer Clean/Tune Up
Music Recording Technology
Complete New Office Setup
Internet of Things (IoT)
Application Troubleshooting
Memory (RAM) Upgrades
Password Management
Mobile Device Integration
Surveillance (Camera Installation)
Digital Studio Setup
Operating System Upgrades
Virus & Malware Removal
Google Mail Issues
Digital Marketing Consulting
Computer Virtualization (Mac &PC)
Network Modernization
Server Replacement
Cabling (CAT5e & Coaxial)
VOIP Telephone Systems
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Data Recovery
Backup Systems
Blue Screen
Office Setup
Website Design
Network Design
Cracked Screen
Home Theaters
Database Systems
Database Hosting
Corrupted Files
Printer Installation
iTunes Problems
Nest Thermostats
Wireless Support
Smart TVs

Print Design
Secure Storage
IT Consulting
Server Administration
Email Setup/Issues
Home Automation
Email Hosting
System Maintenance
Remote Management
Cloud Backup/Storage
Apple TV
Mesh (advanced) Wi-Fi
Server Design
Wi-Fi Setup/Issues
Internet Connectivity
File Backup
Mobile App Design
SSD Replacement

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