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suite of services for all types of businesses including professional practices: medical, legal and accounting

Comprehensive Support

Prometheus Computers does it all! We have provided computer support services to dozens of small and medium size business since 2002. Whether it’s Networking Services, Data Management or Computer Repair & Support. Prometheus Computers can provide a solution for every budget.

Businesses often contract with separate service providers to handle their desktops, servers and networks. Lack of coordination among disparate contractors wastes time and money!
Our end-to-end solution centralizes the IT support knowledge base, streamlines communication and provides seamless collaboration that can limit inefficient processes and extra man-hours. Prometheus Computers can save you time and money and will limit security vulnerabilities.

Many Prometheus customers enjoy the benefits of our telephone/support services. Remote support saves our customers time and money!

business commercial suite of services

  • Turnkey Technology System Design and Installation for Small Business
    o Initial Installation and Modernization
    o Installation of Computers, Printers & Peripherals
  • Cloud Solutions (Enterprise Caliber Onsite and Offsite)
    o Data Backup/ MyLocalCloud
    o Redundant Fail-Safe
    o Backup for Every Budget

and these solutions and services
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and in an emergency, when it is imperative that you get back up asap our remedial services include

Data Recovery
Network Security
Internet Issues
Hardware Failure

Crashed Servers
Blue Screens of Death
Email Support

Network Restoration
Data Restoration
Power Issues
and more

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First and foremost, we are problem solvers

Get Clarity Out of Complexity

Technology can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We discuss technology with you in plain English without a lot of technical jargon.

How well you identify useful technologies and apply them to your business will have an enormous impact on your bottom line. In fact, MIT Sloan Management Review warned that “all companies face a digital imperative: adopt new technologies effectively or face competitive obsolescence.”

We’ll Help You Determine Out Which Solutions Are Best for Your Business

As an IT consulting firm, we help people use technology to solve problems and create new business opportunities. You can be confident your business will be offered of all the relevant technology available that can improve processes and profitability.

Turnkey Technology System Design and Installation for Business

Relocating, changing or creating your business technology systems can be stressful. Prometheus offers clients a full range of technology solutions with a single point of contact approach.

We begin by learning your business goals and working environment. We then develop a strategy and implement an action plan that will ensure that your needs are met on time and on budget. Collaboration during the project between Prometheus and your staff is the cornerstone of our successful design and implementation strategy. The blueprint we use for each project includes:

  • Pre-Construction Design Service
    o Preliminary Budgets
    o Layouts & Scheduling
    o Value Engineering
  • Broadband Analysis
    o Needs Analysis/Assessment
    o Voice/Data Assessment & Recommendations
  • Audio Visual Systems
    o System Design and Budgets
    o Layout and Scheduling
    o Value Engineering
    o Value Integration
    o Project Management
  • Telephone Systems
    o Network and System Analysis
    o System Design
    o Value Engineering
    o Project Management
  • Construction Coordination
    o Coordinate Cooling
    o Coordinate Power Requirements
    o Develop Redundancy Strategy
    o UPS Analysis and Design

In each project our goal is to ensure when your employee sits down at their workstation for the first time they will have the IT infrastructure they need to be successful on day one.

You’ll Get the Expertise You Need, When You Need It

Doing technology right is just as important for small businesses as it is for large companies. As a client of Prometheus Computers, you’ll have a team of knowledgeable and experienced IT professionals at your disposal.