Computer Repair for Macs & PCs


Computer Diagnostic Service

If you are unsatisfied with the performance of your computer for any reason.

  • It is slower than when you first bought it
  • Wi-Fi is not functioning properly
  • The machine doesn’t power on

Or if your computer is exhibiting any other symptom that is preventing you from enjoying its use or stifling your productivity, bring it in! Very often we can diagnose it on the spot.

We understand cost/benefit analysis. Not only will we give a firm quote to fix your computer but we will give you our best advice as to whether repairing the machine is economically practical.

PC Hard Drive (HDD) Upgrade/Replacement

It is not uncommon for computer Hard Drives to fail. Depending on the number of hours they are utilized as many as 30% fail within one year and 90% fail within five years. Both those statistics are for HDDs installed 24/7 on servers, etc. But you get the picture! If your Mac or PC exhibits any of the following symptoms it is very possible you have a failed Hard Drive. Your computer

  • does not boot
  • it freezes often
  • becomes so slow it is almost unusable

Symptoms two and three above may also mean you need a Hard Drive upgrade because your running out of storage space.

Virus/Spyware Removal

If your computer crashes, freezing, is sluggish, or especially if you have error messages or messages that you should call someone that offers to fix it, power off the machine and bring it to our shop.

Your device may be infected by a virus, malware or spyware. Any of the foregoing gremlins can have serious consequences. If your machine is infected we will remove all the virus/spyware from the computer. We will also instruct you on how to prevent catching these infections in the future.

Laptop Battery Replacement

If your battery is running down we can replace it. All laptop batteries wear out eventually. If your battery is worn out even if you only use your computer when it is plugged in it is advisable replace it. If you wait too long the battery can swell and damage the machine.

LCD Screen Repair

Prometheus can repair the screen on any computer. However, screen (LCD) replacement can be expensive. Depending on the machine and cost of the repair we will give you our best advice as to whether repairing the screen/display is economically practical.

Memory Upgrade/Replacement

With each new iteration of the operating software the amount of memory (RAM) a computer requires increases. Upgrading RAM will improve:

  • Boot time (the time it takes to use once you turn it on)
  • Overall Performance
    • especially when you are running multiple programs

Increasing RAM can make it seem like you got a new machine! Computers have a maximum limit of RAM it can use. We will advise you of the amount of RAM that will improve your performance. Most computer users do not need the maximum RAM to perform the tasks they need to perform.

Water Damage Repair Diagnostic

If you believe your computer has gotten wet for any reason bring it in. We will tell you if it has and what has been effected. We will also tell you whether repair is advisable and provide a firm estimate.

Glass Screen Repair

Prometheus can repair the screen on any computer. Repairing the glass only on a computer is far less expensive than replacing the LCD.

Email Functionality

Prometheus can restore your email functionality. Usually the problem is related to the way the account is configured or password issues. We can also help with setting up your email in other programs or on other devices.

Computer Cleanup/Malware Removal

If your computer crashes, freezing, is sluggish it is likely the cause is Malware. There are any number of reasons computers become infected by Malware. If your machine has been infected by Malware not only will we remove all traces of the malware but we will inoculate your machine and instruct you how to prevent in the future.

Miscellaneous Software Issues

Software is not perfect, errors occur frequently. There are any number of causes:

  • incompatibility between software and hardware
  • corrupted upgrade
  • incompatibility between the software and the operating system
  • software corruption, etc.

We will find the cause of the errors and fix the problem.

Slow Computer? We can fix it!

Miscellaneous Hardware Issues

We can fix your hardware in your home or in our shop. There are many components that can fail on a computer. We can repair all of them. However, before we do we will diagnose the problem and consult with you prior to proceeding with any repair. We will make sure the repair is economically advisable.