Free email may cost more than your think!
Free email can negatively impact brand perception Productivity and Performance. Email is a vital platform for businesses to build relationships with customers and prospects, support internal employee communication, and optimize overall productivity.

Performance and productivity are enhanced by utilizing mobile tools and technologies, including smartphones and tablet devices. Mobile email helps businesses build their employee and customer bases by enabling instant connectivity, anytime and anywhere.

While free email platforms may seem like the ideal solution for a small business there are substantial costs and risks associated with free services, especially within the three key areas:

  • Perception
  • Productivity
  • Performance

Although the immediate benefits of signing up for these platforms are attractive at first glance, limited features and security can be costly to the overall performance of a small business. Positive perception of your communications by prospects and prospective employees can be a key to success. Not only is the communication channel required for improving productivity among company team members, email also is now the primary channel that sales teams utilize to reach customers and prospects.

Hosted email provides an array of business-savvy features, such as calendar and contact sharing, mobile email capabilities, and cloud-based storage.

Email without Spam Filters
Everyone, employees and executives are faced with the challenge of sifting through email messages and removing spam and unwanted contacts. In fact, spam can adversely effect overall productivity, performance and success. Spam management is a constant struggle for businesses.

Not having dedicated domain name may cause recipients to mistake your company’s emails as spam.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and some web-based email services are utilizing email authentication as an added strategy to fight spam invasion. These stronger spam filters make it more difficult for companies to get emails delivered and opened if they don’t have a business-specific domain name.

There are business-wide benefits from leveraging dedicated domain names. Utilizing branded domain names increases the likelihood messages will be opened and read.