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Repairs, upgrades, data recovery, personal tutoring, Prometheus of Fort Lee does it all. Our staff is made up of Apple trained techs as well as Windows and Linux experts.

Do you have a vintage computer you want to repair? Would you like to improve the performance of your machine? Do you need to recover lost data?

All machines can be repaired but Prometheus always does a cost benefit analysis before making repairs. We perform a diagnostic and let you know the cost of the repair before going forward. We give you our best advice about the economic feasibility of doing any repair.

Fort Lee Computer Repair: Mac & Windows

In home services

We make house calls! Is your Wi-Fi too slow? We can service all the technology in your home. Do you want home theater quality that works effortlessly and without the exorbitant “home theater”prices? Do you want to automate your home with smart devices that just work?

Remote/Telephone Support

Our customers love the remote, telephone support we provide. We are able to drop in on our customers devices and correct a great many issues remotely.

Free in Home Technology Consultation

We will come to your home and learn your wants, needs and budget for technology in your home. We can answer most questions and solve most problems.

Prometheus has no skin in the game. We do not sell the technology. We can recommend the best, hassle free solution(s) for your home.

Learn more about technology services we can provide in your home

Prometheus provides all the following in home services. Click on the one you are interested in.

Network Support

A network failure can mean loss of access to the internet, email, printers and backup drives.

Network efficiency problems and security vulnerabilities can be just as catastrophic. A slow Network can cause frustration for the whole family.

Prometheus Computers can diagnose network problems and resolve issues with hardware and software related performance problems.

Troubleshoot and Correct Wi-Fi Problems

  • Properly configure your Network
  • Install a Static IP when one is required
  • Replace faulty components
  • Download and install the latest drivers
  • Boost weak signals

Before leaving your home, Prometheus will ensure your Wi-Fi is functioning optimally and securely by ensuring:

  • The router performance is maximized and security is optimized
  • Wireless devices are connected
  • Advanced settings are configured to your specifications including
    • Guest Networks
    • Parental controls
  • The essential devices have Wi-Fi priority on your Network
  • Router Placement is optimized while considering the parameters you have set forth
  • Your Network has unique name and a Wi-Fi password that protects your personal data

Wireless Network Solutions

A well planned wireless network enables all your devices to work seamlessly and in every area of your home.

To achieve the desired coverage and performance of a wireless network, it is important to understand the RF environment where the network is being deployed. Older homes and newer residences have unique characteristics that need to be considered. Up-front planning enables Prometheus to achieve the desired coverage and performance you require.

Prometheus conducts a site survey to ensure the successful deployment of a wireless in your home. The survey provides:

  • Accurate information on the number of access points needed
  • Reveal coverage voids in existing deployments
  • Accurate information for access point locations
  • Information required for Planning
  • Detailed coverage maps.
  • Plan for outdoor coverage
  • Detailed data rates
  • Discovery of rogue access points
  • Identify sources and locations of interference
  • Identify and classify neighboring networks and channel usage

Smarter, Simpler, True Mesh Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi networking should be

  • easy to setup
  • easy to manage
  • easy to use
  • seamless for every user
  • will provide the remote desktop troubleshooting functionality

Learn more about Smarter, Simpler, True Mesh Wi-Fi

Home Automation Systems

There are several solutions that are offered for home automation that we believe are not worthy of the huge investment required. These systems will not provide the simplification promised. Prometheus has been asked dozens of times to make repairs to systems unnamed here because neither the installer nor the manufacturer will provide support. It has been our experience that the systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars for “Professional Automation” are based on antiquated technology.

Prometheus provides solutions that we know work and that are based on modern, cutting edge technology. We will help you design, install and train you in the use of the technology. Prometheus supports all its installations. We will be there to help with updates and to troubleshoot problems if they arise. Having said that, the technology that we install is so reliable that we rarely hear about problems! Solutions we offer and products we endorse include:

  • Amazon Echo
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Apple HomePod
  • Apple TV 4K
  • Google Home
  • NestThermostats
  • Ring Doorbell
  • Sonos Music & Home Theater

Audio Solutions

Listen to your favorite music anywhere in your home and control the selection and the volume by voice or by using a simple app on your phone or tablet. You choose the music source: Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Napster, Pandora, etc. And you choose where it plays: the same music throughout the home or different music in each room.

We can accommodate almost any budget.

Video Solutions

Again, Prometheus will only install intuitive technology that is both up to date and proven to work flawlessly. Based on your requirements we will help you to select the system that best meets the requirements of your family.   We will consider your sound system as well as your mobile device preference: Apple or Android. Services we custom design for your home and install are:

  • Amazon Fire
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast Ultra
  • Roku Ultra
  • Tivo
  • Xbox One S

Most of the systems we recommend can be controlled by voice or with simple and remotes. Most also support 4K. The devices will help you to save on cable box rentals and offer great programming! We aim to minimize the number of cable boxes you will need in your home and in some cases the best whole house solution can be a hybrid – whatever works best!

Remote Control Programming

Universal Remotes are super convenient! But we have never heard anyone say they are easy to program. We can provide or recommend the best remote for your home and we can program it and instruct you on its use. You will be control all your devices with one remote and tuck all the other remotes in a drawer.

Lighting Control Systems

Lighting Control should be easy to use and work flawlessly. Give us the opportunity to properly explain what Lighting Control offers to you and your lifestyle. We also offer consultative services for the lighting device flow within your home.

Surveillance Cameras

Video tapes and fuzzy footage are a thing of the past. Secure your home from theft by installing an IP surveillance camera system. You can record high quality images and store them digitally for later review.

  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Archive digital surveillance camera data

Prometheus Computers sells and installs low-voltage cable wiring cameras. that can help prevent loss from happening to your business. Call Prometheus for

  • New Installations
  • Upgrades
  • Or troubleshooting your existing system.
  • Convenient Scheduling

Making the Right Choices

Prometheus Computers handles each project quickly and discreetly. We work on your schedule and can install commercial and anti-theft cameras. Today’s camera and surveillance systems offer unparalleled high definition images with a wide range of megapixel offerings and coverage:

  • fixed cameras
  • bullet cameras
  • micro-domes
  • pan-tilt-zoom
  • infrared and
  • low light options

There are a dizzying number of camera options available in today’s market. We’ll help you choose the camera that best meets your needs and your budget.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is the network of physical devices, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to connect and exchange data. Essentially this is the catchall for automation in the home.

The IoT platform enable:

  • Remote monitoring, managing, and controlling connected devices in your home
  • Secure connectivity between devices

Some examples of IoT are:

  • Smart Outlets
  • Wireless Home Energy Monitors
  • Wi-Fi Lighting Control Solutions
  • Wi-Fi Thermostats

Home Telephone Services

Prometheus can help whether you need to

  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Install a new phone system
  • Replace an existing phone system
  • Or expanding an existing phone system

Wired telephones issues are commonly caused by

  • Lightning strikes
  • Bad wiring
  • Equipment failure

VoIP Telephone Systems

Prometheus can help find the right business phone system! We will match your needs and budget to the systems we have researched and installed. Below are samples of the VoIP systems Prometheus can install and program:

Telephone Jack Installations

Prometheus Computers has been delivering professional telephone jack installations for many years.  All our installation and repair services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Telephone Hardwiring Services

  • Residential or commercial inside wiring repairs
  • Residential or commercial telephone jack repair
  • Residential or commercial telephone wiring installation for new construction
  • Residential or commercial telephone wiring for renovations
  • Residential or commercial expansion of new jacks
  • We service all telephone company lines in the area
  • We service, install, repair and expand telephone extensions for new phone additions

Network Cabling

Prometheus can help you with any cabling needs you may have: voice & data. Our expert installers have the ability and experience to help you with the design and installation of your Data, Voice, and Audio/Video wiring & network cabling, as well as the installation and service of business phone systems and VoIP phone systems.

Backup! Backup! Backup!

Many of the data recovery and data transfer issues can be avoided with good backup, and not all backup is created equal. Prometheus Computers can inform you about disk images, Time Machine for Macs and adequate backup for Windows and Linux, as well as, redundant and fail-safe backup.

We can provide a backup in your home that will ensure all your devices are backed up, both:

  • The data
  • And the and your settings

Advanced Storage with MyLocalCloud®

Prometheus has been providing Data Recovery for businesses and individuals since its inception. It is that experience that informed us about the critical need for a safe reliable backup system. Backup that would not only protect our customer’s data but would also provide rapid recovery from data loss like:

  • Years of family photos of children and deceased relatives
  • Businesses records
  • Original music composition

Remote Office (VPN)

Work from home or anywhere on the globe. Would you like to be able to connect securely to your home or office computer across the Internet from any computer or smartphone? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables you to do business anywhere and at any time. VPN technology lets small business owners like you create a secure network connection while using a public network and VPNs are surprisingly affordable.

Security concerns make it more important than ever to keep your online activity safeguarded.  There are several, important benefits with a VPN:

  • Greatly reduced risk of security breaches and cyberattacks – public networks are inherently dangerous, a VPN reduces the risk of you being targeted
  • Secure, real-time 24/7 access
  • Increased productivity – you most can work from home or on the road
  • VPNs let you “stay in the US” while traveling abroad

Remote/Telephone Support

Prometheus Computers provides remote, secure support to its customers every day. Remote support allows Prometheus to:

  • Connection in seconds, simply by having you click on a link we send to you
  • Ability to see your screen and control the device
  • Collaborate with other technicians or external parties to resolve issues
  • Correct problems
  • Save you time and money!

Internet Speed

How fast an internet connection do I need for my home? How much bandwidth do I need? For the most part the internet enables almost all the things you do with your devices:

  • email
  • online research
  • social media, forums, contact forms
  • streaming music & video
  • smart device (IoT – Internet of Things))
  • surveillance cameras
  • and much more


Wish you could do more to understand the technology better? Whether you’re just getting your feet wet, or you are a seasoned pro looking to upgrade your skills, Prometheus of Fort Lee offers training at every level. We customize our curriculum for every student to ensure that you are learning exactly what you need to know at exactly your level. Prometheus offers one on one or group sessions onsite in the comfort of your home or business. Our staff is expertly trained, extremely patient, and very experienced. With Prometheus training, you will be able to extend your abilities further than you thought possible.