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Prometheus Computers is the number one Data Recovery Service in Fort Lee, NJ! Our service is fast, reliable and affordable.


Your computer has crashed and you believe you’ve lost your data! Don’t panic! We are here to help! We’ll give you a definitive diagnosis. If it’s not the catastrophe you fear, we’ll correct the problem and get you back to using your device(s). If you need data recovery, call us we can help!

We have recovered data from all types of devices for a diverse group of customers

  • Businesses with failed or failing servers
  • Business owners that contained specific and confidential information not backed up to their server
  • Families that feared their digital memories (photos and videos) were lost forever
  • Teachers who believed they lost all their lesson plans
  • Photographers unable to access tens of thousands of pictures
  • Musicians that feared the permanent loss of their music files that they spent countless hours producing

we can recover lost data from all types of devices including

Apple Computers     iPhone & Android Phones     SATA
Windows Computers     Broken/Formatted Memory Cards     SCSI
Linux Computers     Any Device that retains Data     USB Thumb Drive
eSATA     Memory Chips     SD Cards

there are many reasons for data loss. if you believe you have lost your data follow the steps below

Stop using the device immediately
Leave the device sealed
Leave the device sealed
Do not reformat or defrag the drive
Keep drive in a cool dry place
Call Prometheus (516) 331-1171

disaster averted

We are local and our shop is open, in full view. Our prices are extremely competitive. There’s no smoke and mirrors. We’ll tell you exactly how we are going to recover your data whether it consists of priceless family photos or invaluable business information. Ninety-Percent (90%) of the time we can recover your data in our shop in a couple of days.

false positives

In some instances, what appears to be, at first blush, a failed Hard Drive turns out to be something less dire:

  • The software may be corrupted and may need to be corrected
  • The HDD may be full

When there is a false positive, Prometheus will

  • repair the software
  • upgrade the Hard Drive, i.e., install a larger capacity drive.

data transfer

Prometheus Computers provides Data Transfer service for all operating systems including

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

Whether you want to transfer your data to a new machine or you require more storage, we can help! You may think you have lost data, but you may just need a larger capacity Hard Drive (HDD).

Symptoms of a hard drive that is out of storage space (full):

  • Drive Full Error Messages
  • System Running Slow
  • Errors when Attempting to Open Large Files and Videos

Using state of the art technology in our shop, we can transfer data from the HDD of any Laptop, Personal Computer, Server or Workstation to any other machine or external HDD.

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