You may have heard about VoIP software and wondered why it has become almost ubiquitous globally. VoIP offers many great features, undeniable benefits and ease of use. Below are some VoIP advantages.

Traditional telephone services can be expensive when compared to VoIP. Communication costs during international travel can be slashed. Video conferencing can eliminate some travel costs altogether.

Landlines limit mobility by keeping businesses tied to one location. VoIP lines are location agnostic. Business can be conducted anywhere and anytime. Employees can access your business phone line, as well as all the tools such as faxing and conferencing.


  • Transfer large files and images
  • Conference calling
  • Video messaging
  • Audio Messaging
  • Translation Software
  • Audio to Text Conversion – Read voicemail messages

Using VoIP with VPN (virtual private network) keeps all your information encrypted and sends it through secure channels. Moreover, the VPN option increases bandwidth, improving clarity (clearer conversations) and improve data processing.

Telephone Jack Installations
Prometheus Computers has been delivering professional telephone jack installations for many years. All our installation and repair services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Telephone Services

  • Inside wiring repairs
  • Telephone jack repair
  • Wiring installation for new construction and renovations
  • Installation of new jacks

We service all telephone company lines in the area and we service, install, repair and expand telephone extensions for new phone additions