Technology Services

we can help you make the technology work for you

Let us be your personal technology assistant. We approach all situations with patience. We understand that technology can be confusing!


With our affordable pricing and more than 15 years’ experience in customer service and technical support, Prometheus will swiftly get you the results you never thought possible. Let us help enrich your digital life!


Have you spent money on subscription services that charge you monthly or annually only to have you spend your precious time working with them to fix problems you are having? Each time you call even within minutes you get a different person reading off a script and must start all over again.   And that is the best-case scenario!

A great many if not most of these online service companies are con artists and thieves. They claim to be representing Microsoft but they only want to get your credit card information or worse.

Dealing with the major installation services provided by the electronics stores can be equally frustrating. Most “geeks” or “nerds” have limited knowledge and if there is a glitch they are stuck. Our fee structure is competitive and our Techs knows all the equipment and devices you have and how they all should interact.

Have you ever spent time trying to work with a“manufacturer support person, software or hardware?” It can be frustrating to say the least! In many instances, they will work with you until they pass the buck. They tell you: “That is not a software issue, it is a hardware issue!” Or conversely, “that is not a hardware issue, it is a software issue!”

Prometheus understands how your software and hardware are supposed to function together.

Prometheus works on a fee for service basis or hourly rate that is about 20% less than standard industry pricing and we are present here in the community. No games only straightforward, honest service.

Although everyone uses the internet, it is not uncommon to see homes with an insufficient internet connection. Not many know what connection level is appropriate for their needs.  How much bandwidth you need depends on what you are doing, and how many people are doing it.

Prometheus is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP); we have no skin in the game. However, no matter which great devices we install if you do not have enough bandwidth they will not work optimally.

We will help you decide how much bandwidth (service level) you need.

Same Day, Affordable, Onsite Computer Repair Services. Door to Door or Remote Support Service Available Too

All Windows and Mac Computers, Hardware and Software, Network Issues, Workstations and More

Our guarantee entitles you to money back and a full refund in the case our repair is not effective at solving your computer issues. You can contact us to initiate this process. We are proud to say that up to now, no one has ever needed to do this and our service continues to excel. Plus we offer you an exclusive in-house ONE MONTH warranty on our labor for all our repairs (exceptions may apply) and one year warranty on parts that need to be replaced! We have the guts to stand behind our work.

Our Service is door-to-door, remotely or you can drop off your computer upon scheduling an appointment. Why is it important to schedule an appointment for your computer repair services?

In some cases, we can offer same-day computer repair.

Our computer repair services are performed on-site. We do not outsource and we perform the repair ourselves and we guarantee your satisfaction.